bcrosby07 (bcrosby07) wrote in disneypictures,

A painting of Cinderella's Castle

Hello everyone! I am new here and wanted your help and input.

My fiance and I will be going to Disney World for our honeymoon next year and for one of my wedding presents to here I am working on a painting of Cinderella's Castle for our home. Anyways, I have been looking at various pictures of Cinderella's Castle on Google and find the majority of them are the typical heads-on standard view. I would like to make my painting slightly more creative than the standard view however I am having trouble finding good "creative" pictures online (and ones I find are small).

If you would like to help me out; please post any good pictures you have of Cinderella's Castle. Extra points to the more creative angles that contain the whole castle. And please allow the pictures to be bigger (so as to see better detail).

Thanks for the help.

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