golden carrousel (goldencarrousel) wrote in disneypictures,
golden carrousel

Characters in Flight

Just a few photos from Characters in Flight, and one of a seriously overloaded bus.

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That looks awesome! How were you able to do that??
It's an attraction at Downtown Disney now. It's $16 a person. It goes up for about 6 minutes, and you're 400 feet in the air. I was really hoping you could see the VAB at NASA, but it was so hazy out.

Check out this blog entry on All Ears. It has more info, and some great pictures!
When I went back in April, it wasn't quite ready yet, so I didn't ride. I definitely want to do this when I go back in December!
Oh, i bet it'll be lovely during xmas time! Hopefully you'll be able to see some lights at DTD and maybe at some of the resorts :) - looks new this year. You can also get pretty "high" in WDW by parasailing over Bay Lake (see icon) :)

what's interesting is how from that position (DTD is along the south-east edge of the resort), you can see so much that's not actual Disney property, stuff you can't see once you're deeper within the gates...
Yeah, that bus has one serious lean on it...
hahaha. I thought it had a flat at first, and then we drove by and saw all the people.
When I was there in April, I remember waiting in the bus line from the resort where I was staying. There was quite a good number of people in line including a family unit with a stroller. The bus came for us, but not many people got off. So we started getting on. I seriously thought that the bus driver was going to let the family unit wait for another bus, but to my surprise, he squeezed ALL of them on (including stroller! LOL!) We were whispering amongst ourselves that he really shouldn't be cramming all of us in there like sardines. We were lucky that nothing happened, and I can't imagine how it would be if we DID have an accident!
LOL, some of those bus drivers are crazy! I remember one year i went camping w/ a huge group of people from church. The bus was pretty much packed and the traffic light turned yellow. Instead of stopping he was like HOLD ON EVERYONE and hit the gas to go through the light. I swear, the cars behind the bus probably thought it was going to tip over.
Disney sometimes puts pressure on these drivers to make sure that everyone is being serviced in a timely manner. The buses roll in every 15 to 20 minutes. That family would definitely not have had a problem with that. One day there will be an accident again, regarding the buses and people will be getting seriously hurt because of the overcrowding.

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Aww :( You'll make it out here to WDW!